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Hot Tub Hammock

Tired of just Sitting around in your Hot tub?

Now you can --STRETCH OUT-- and enjoy!

Hot Tub Hammock for Hard or Soft tubs Hottub Hammock demonstration

(Nylon and cotton hammocks are destroyed by Chlorine!)
Made in the U.S.A.

The old style black demonstrated hammock has been replaced with Redesigned, More comfortable, Colored ones. Pillows are really not needed but can be purchased at discount at: Pillows. The 12 inch x 10 foot Blue or Taupe and the 18 inch x 10 foot Taupe or White Hot tub Underwater Hammock fits up to a 6 ft. inside diameter tub and can be adjusted to fit a smaller tub.
Just $27.95 or $37.95 with FREE shipping in the U.S.A.
12" or 18" width is just right for your back and your arms will float and need no support!

Select below:

12" x 10' Hammock
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18" x 10' Hammock
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No Screws are needed for fastening! They attach and remove easily. Uses High Strength Hook and Loop Velcro Tape instead.

Water jets or not, you will have "Sensational" horizontal suspension offering
muscle relaxation and hydrotherapy.
Your hot tub is not complete without a Hot tub Hammock.
Super great for bad backs and muscle spasms.

A very comfortable design that will give you many years of service! Industrial Velcro Hook and Loop tape is used instead of damaging screws.

Hot Tub Hammocks are made from Chemical proof materials. Tests on the Hot tub Hammocks have shown NO deteriorative effects after being submerged for years in hot chlorinated water.
(Nylon and cotton accessories are destroyed by Chlorine).

*** Be Good To Yourself, Order Yours Today. ***

Simply submerge the center of your Hot tub Hammock 16 inches below water and secure the Heavy Duty Velcro ends to your tub's outside. No Screws Are Needed.

Questions? - Please call Montee Products in Dorr, Michigan at (616) 681-9860 after noon EST

Guaranteed to Please or Money Back! GIVE IT A TRY!
If within the first year you are dissatisfied with your HOT TUB HAMMOCK(TM)
please send it back to us for a full refund! You only pay return shipping.

***** You can order from Montee Products with confidence.*****

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